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Which styles of music does the LMSQ perform?

The LMSQ can perform anything from the baroque era, to rock and roll, to current popular hits!  If you have a song in mind that is not already included in our music library, we can accommodate special requests for an extra fee.  Please view our Repertoire page for a list of songs we currently have in our music library.

I am planning an outdoor event.  Does the LMSQ perform outside?

Yes we absolutely do, however there are a couple of limitations.  Due to the sensitive nature of our instruments, extreme high and low temperatures limit our ability to perform outside.  In addition, we cannot expose our instruments to rain, snow, or direct sunlight.  If there is a fully-shaded area for us to perform under, that will be suitable.  If we are playing on grass, it must be level.  To help with these limitations, we are happy to perform under a tent or an awning, and we have also used portable heaters when needed.

What items do I need to provide for an LMSQ performance?

Typically, the only things we need are 4 armless chairs and a minimum 8' x 8' performing space.  If it is an outdoor event, a tent or an awning is preferred to protect our instruments from inclement weather and direct sunlight.  We will provide our own music stands.

How do I know what kind of music I will need for my event?

If you would like help, we are happy to assist you with your musical selections.  If you have specific requests that aren't already in our Music Library, the LMSQ is happy to create custom arrangements for a small fee.  We can consult with you about your musical preferences and help you make the best choices for your event!

I am planning a wedding.  How many pieces of music do I need for my ceremony?

The LMSQ doesn't want you to feel overwhelmed by selecting the music for your ceremony.  We will help you by making recommendations during our consultations.

For a Christian, or non-denominational wedding, you may want to make 3 to 5 musical selections:

1. The seating of the grandmothers, and/or mothers (if desired, this can be combined with number 2).

2. The bridal party (minister, groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearer, etc.).

3. The entrance of the bride.

4. Some wedding ceremonies include a short meditational piece (lighting of a Unity Candle, musical offering, etc.).

5. The Recessional (exit of the bridal party).

For a Jewish wedding ceremony, there are usually 2 pieces of music:

1. The entrance of the rabbi, grandparents, the groom, his parents, and the bridal party.

2. The entrance of the bride and her parents.

I have a singer for my wedding ceremony.  Can you accompany a singer?

Yes, we often accompany vocalists, as well as other musicians.  If necessary, we can arrange to rehearse with them for an extra fee.

Is there going to be music before my wedding ceremony?

We recommend that the prelude music begins 15-20 minutes before the start of the wedding ceremony.  This sets the mood for your guests as they wait for the ceremony to begin. 

Do I select the prelude music?

Unless you want to, it is not necessary for you to choose the prelude music. Some people have very specific ideas about the prelude music, while others leave it completely up to us.  If you indicate what mood you would like to create, we will select music that suits the atmosphere of your wedding day.

I have a specific song that I would like to request. Can you accommodate that?

Yes!  If it is listed on our repertoire page there is no extra charge.  If it is not already in our Music Library, we can create a customized arrangement to virtually ANY song, for a small fee.

How will you know when to start the music for the ceremony?

All we will need is a signal from a coordinator or a friend. The LMSQ will arrive 30 minutes before the prelude music begins to discuss the ceremony details with your appointed person.

How do we coordinate our entrances with the music?

You don't have to worry about that. Through years of experience we’ve become very skilled in starting and ending the music at just the right time! The only thing we will need to know is how many people are processing to each piece of music.

Does the LMSQ travel outside of the Twin Cities Area?

Yes!  We perform outside of the Metro Area, however we do charge a fee for the extended travel time and fuel costs. The LMSQ does not charge a travel fee for any location within the Twin Cities Metro Area.  Please Contact us for travel rates.

Do we need to meet in person?

It is not necessary to meet in person before your event. Normally, all details can be addressed via E-mail or over the phone.  Although, if you prefer to meet in person, the LMSQ would be happy to do so!


Do members of the LMSQ perform as a trio, duo, or as a soloist?

Yes, absolutely!  We can perform as trios, duos, and solos.  We have a great selection of music for these smaller ensembles;  however, our repertoire list is slightly different than that of the full quartet.  For more information, please Contact us.

What clothing does the LMSQ typically wear for performances?

Usually, we wear all black.  For upscale and black tie events, the men in the group will wear tuxedos.  If a more casual look is desired, we can “dress down” as needed.


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